Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2014

Daily missive for Friday the 5th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 5th of December.

What will come of this mark?
No more than a ripple
To mar the surface .
Will it take long to fade?
Or quickly disappear,
With all the grace
Of a blood red sunset
On the equator.
A brief burning.
A kiss of such intensity,
It burns the sky.
And paints the world
With fiery fingers
Touched, with all the latent
Heat of a failing star,
A final flare.
Reaching out,
For just an instant,
Before a simple sliding,
A gentle falling,
Wrapped in silence,
Into the deepest abyss.

Did the ancients
Pray for its return?
Afraid of bearing witness
To a final death,
In each nights
Incendiary burn.
Will a prayer be simply said
When that fate
Is all that lies before me?
And what of the
Small bright stain
That I might make,
Upon the hearts
Of those who wait
And mourn?
Will this lie
As heavy on the soul?
Or as lights blink out
Will they see
The world’s revolving,
And live in hope,
Of a new day’s dawn,
To keep their
Home fires burning.

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