Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2014

History of being alone~by Abdul Wahab



History of being alone

We were all tied
With a rope love

Care of mother
For each of us

We were growing
Like bamboo together

Playing around
With colorful dolls

Making buildings
Out of sand

And married them off
As husband and wife

Cooked for them
Curry and rice

Such was a jocund life
We were leading

But life is not all
Bear and skittles

I learnt it
Through hard work

Dolls no more caught
My fancy

Searching became
My passionate hobby

I discovered
New islands full of farlies

Mysteries of life
Were revealing bit by bit

Excitement gave me
More joy than their company

I was enjoying
The enjoyment from lees

But my friends
Did not like it
The bond was breaking
Very slowly

Consequently I went
Too far

They remained
In the same level

Too lazy
And reactionary

They thought
I burdened their soul
And mind

My advice was
To them interference

Finally we broke up
As no more I could play
Dolls dolls

Since then I am alone
And feel very lonely.

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