Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2014

“The Flower”~by Leon A. Walker



“The Flower”

There is striking beauty, in this sumptuous masterpiece;
a sculpted figure of womanly perfection, presented by the gods,
in all of their glory.
Such power, in the blinding radiance that shines down upon her,
as joyous angles must certainly smile, in the knowing of her pleasing flames…
Gifted by the heavens, with the power of consuming feminine grace,
her image alone, haunts every man’s dreams…
There is mesmerizing power; beyond our imaginings,
as we are spellbound, to gaze upon this stunning figure-
of such consuming sensual charisma.
What fortunate man might know the feel of her heartbeat,
or bask in the first electric touch, of her flawless silken skin.
Let us leave him to his good fortune with a wealth of blessings.
As this woman, is truly the prize of all mankind.
She is a magnificent consecration of desire, love and living,
who resides within the beautiful depths of each man’s soul.
To simply contemplate the vision, of this goddess incomparable;
is the glorious and breathtaking gift of a lifetime.
And that intense pleasure, unto itself,
shall be eternal affirmation;
that a woman, such as this-
can elevates the spirit of any man.
The captivating flower that fuels his desire,
to continue his journey,
across the once desolate landscape,
of Life…

© Leon A. Walker

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