Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2014

where children cry~by Nutan Sarawagi

where hate doesn’t live


where children cry

The trees have dried up
the wind is gone
the far reaching skies don’t look down anymore
as God sits up in his haven
not thinking
only about himself
not caring anymore
the clouds have blown
to distant horizons not known
to a destination of their choice
to roam free without fear
in their own thoughts , unknown
the flowers have died , dewdrops cry
their tears die on their lips ,
their tears don’t stop
their emotions lie stripped
the birds have lost their song
sing a voiceless song
the stream has lost it’s flow
stands dead
dead in it’s tracks
nowhere to go

life is withered as tempers soar high
people no longer love , as people die
when will they stop killing each other
lay down their arms , love each other
in my heart a hope burns through
in a hope that life will one day come through
whatever goes up has to come down
life is a merry go round
going round and round
in this trail of hate
it’s footsteps it will retrace
go back to life
when life was more about life , not just hate
it’s footsteps wiping out it’s own blood trail
end this bloody bath the whole world cries
leaving hate in it’s bloody trail
haven’t you had enough hate
to last a decade
clear out your heart
in buoyancy rise
love yourself
for when you love yourself
all hate dies !

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