Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2014

CHRISTMAS~by John Patrick Boutilier




Decorations hung
All around the Christmas tree
Pretty coloured lights aglow
Christmas carols sung
Hearts and voices filled with glee
Children playing in the snow

Skating on a pond
Frozen thick by winter’s cold
Children sledding down a hill
Lifelong friendships spawned
Magic stories to be told
True love found in winter’s chill

Presents wrapped with love
Underneath the Christmas tree
Little packages of bliss
Mistletoe above
Placed with perfect strategy
Offers lovers chance to kiss

Santa’s coming near
Children hurry off to bed
With hopes to hear sleigh bells ring
Happens every year
Try to catch the man in red
While he does the Santa thing

Christmas morn arrives
Children race toward the tree
Presents opened one by one
Moments in our lives
Captured for eternity
With the other treasures won

Hours in the kitchen
Baking turkey, bread and pies
Now dinner’s on the table
Everyone’s itchin’
Hunger showing in their eyes
They’ll eat ev’rything if able

If a wish I had
I believe my wish would be
There’d be peace and love for all
No one would be sad
Ev’ry heart be filled with glee
Both the greatest and the small

There would be no hunger
Ev’ryone would have a home
Want forever would be past
As we grew stronger
Through this life as one we roam
Love and unity would last

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014: All rights reserved.

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