Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2014

======== POWERFUL HEALER =========~by Vivek Dubey



======== POWERFUL HEALER =========

In this era of
Advanced medical sciences
When most of the diseases
Can be cured
Quite fast and instantly
Showing immediate
Positive effect surely
But still
The most powerful healer
Remains the same
Even after so many years
That is none
Other than passing time
Be it an illness
To be cured with medicine
Or an illness
To be cured with counselling
Be an illness
Without any immediate cure
Or an illness
That cannot be cured
It’s always time
That helps you to regain
Your lost
Mental and physical health
Yes it varies
From person to person
And one from illness to other
As how much time
It could take to heal
Depending upon person’s urge
To get well soon
And to be healthy again
Every time at last
You admit
It’s the only time
That heal one and all wounds
With passing time
Which proves again and again
The most powerful healer
Of all time
Is time and only time

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