Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2014

The cat and a dog~by Abdul Wahab



The cat and a dog

the cat was very happy
in the house of his master
and the master was happy, too

then came a dog
at the behest of his master
the cat befriended it quick

a happy family of three
living in love and peace
same as before

but dog is a dog
it started behaving very low
moved around its master’s legs
and too k tongue out
to lick boots after coiling
its bushy tail

situation began to change
from the cat master started
to demand exactly
the same

but cat is a cat
though a small pet
yet it is full of honor , dignity
and self respect

so simply he refused
since then there is animosity
between the cat and dog
and a grudge against the cat
from the lord


  1. This is such a powerful piece with an in-depth meaning.

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