Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 7, 2014

A CONTRACT~by Indira Sadanandan




God’s command was abided by Noah
With whom He entered into a contract
That Noah should make a container
With the wood of Gopher tree
With a length of three hundred and seventy ,
Width of two hundred and and twenty seven ,
A height of one hundred and thirty seven ,in yards
A door and window be provided below .457 yards
From the roof
A three tier interior ,inside, from top to bottom,
This was to restore Noah,his wife,sons and in laws
And a pair of each ,male and female
From all the species on earth,of His creations
Namely birds ,animals and reptiles
That he would ruin the world because it became
Full of unrighteousness;
This was mutually agreed
God untied the great flood and
After 150 days Noah’s ship was fixed
On the mount Ararat at Turkey
Every man,animals,birds and reptiles
Got out from Noah’s Arch,became inhabitants
On the earth and had given birth to the entire
Living beings,
When the waters retreated and gone to the oceans
On God;s command.

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