Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 7, 2014

An Ode To The Poet~by Pungidasa



An Ode To The Poet

Is he who writes a poet?
Is he who preaches a philosopher?

He who feels the joy of innocence,
she who loves the innocence in joy…

Is he who plays with words of rhyme, a poet?

He who can feel the rich man ’s bane, the poor man ‘s boon,
she who can feel sadness in a strangers eye,
she who can understand courage bravery and stupidity…

Is he who knows his words, a poet ?

She who can bring life to words,
he who can give life to the dead…

Is he who begs, a beggar?
is he who wins, the only winner?

Is he a poet, who writes a thousand verses without feeling it in his blood…?

He is one who inspires, builds hope into words, crafts fire into courage…
He is who, who can be king and soldier alike without being both…
She who can feel the wind tell tales, spin tales to free your mind…

He, a poet; can be
If and only if he can read the eyes of all men, live with them and die as one of them.

he is the philosopher, the humble man…
she is the smile on an innocent face, a painter who conjures life…

There is a but a poet in every man or woman…

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