Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 7, 2014

Eternal Love~by Purushattom Bhattacharjee



Eternal Love

O my love,
You are now far from me,
Though you are married now,
But still I love thee,
And I feel very well,
That I too reside in the heart of thine,
One can take your flesh,
But your soul is mine.

Before your marriage,
You urged, ‘Please forget me’
I’m very sorry my sweetie,
I couldn’t forget thee,
And you too couldn’t erase me,
From your broken heart,
O my sweetheart.

I’m also married now,
And I have a wife,
I’ve been written in her page,
I’m confined in her cage,
And she takes care of my nest,
She is the wife of my body,
But o my darling
You are the life of my soul.
She resides in my home,
You dwell in my heart,
O my love,
Inspiration of my poems,
Let me chant a Divine Hymn,
In the name of your beautiful eyes,
That true love never dies,
Never dies, never dies.


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