Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2014

I lose heart~by Marigold Page



I lose heart

I want to start each
new day with a new
smile…. But finding
myself every time……

I lose heart….I forgot
the power to stand out.
I lose stand in…..I cry….
my tears falling………..

No one is here to wipe
my tears….I always the
most lonely person ,I can’t tell..
What I need.
My soul and mind are

My heart is dead,
I want to smile like …….
nothings wrong but…!
my loudest cry bring
much hurt……

One day I’ll die…. with
my pain and I’ll never
back but I have one…
last wish.. You visit me,
when I’ll die….

And you close my eyes
with your hands…then
I might be say goodbye
with new a smile……


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