Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 9, 2014

Light Flourishes…~by Rochish Mon



Light Flourishes…

On the sky of my mind, the birds of thoughts fly…
At the early morning of myself!
The scene is seen aesthetically
It is a picture fine truly-

The sky had its own spread
The birds move as they need-

At times the sky communicates, at times it does not
Some times the birds sing, sometimes they do not-

My life meets me through the living
Because I exist as a human being-

Intentionally I found a place
Between the mind and the thoughts
I situated there with grace-

I watch both the mind and the thoughts
I observe the heights of the depths
I view the widths of the lengths-

After having gained experience
Irrespective of expertise

I travel beyond the sky’s spread
I flow beyond the birds need

At the dark night of myself
Light appears!

I would not know
Weather I absorbed the light
Or, I was absorbed by the light

I infer,
The light flourishes!

By Rochishmon


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