Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2014

++++++++ BED OF ROSES ++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++ BED OF ROSES ++++++++

I saw
A bed of roses
In a shop
Near by bus stop
The way
It was decorated
Looked royal
And quite expensive
Definitely not for
General public
I was getting late
For my office
But could not resist
Myself to stand and think
About the comfort
It could give to one
Who will spend nice time
With his loved ones
On this bed of roses
How fortunate one would be
To have such a thing
Which might make him feel
Like a real king
Feeling immense pleasure
And great relaxation
Sleeping on bed of roses
Next moment
I got distracted to see
Few people
Entering into the shop

Who bought
That bed of roses
I went to them
To know their purpose
Got really shocked
To know
That bed of roses
Was for dead people
Who wants to sleep forever
No matter
How this world goes
So lets not
Wish for bed of roses
Rather lets wish
For bed of challenges
Which keep us alive
In the game of life

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