Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2014

“Broken Pieces of Emotion.”~by Akash Sagar



“Broken Pieces of Emotion.”

Herein words get senselessly auctioned,
Bidding and wrestling amongst each other;
Floating on a canopy of thoughts,
Under my porch of expressions;
Ooh..! Though…Although it all happens in my mind.
It reaches to form a pyramid of sentence there,
For once and always;
But suddenly dismantles to break down in itself,
And falls to settle down in an intrinsic coffin of ‘Un/Sub-consciousness’,
To get buried and might never resurrect again;
As tiny broken pieces of emotion,
For a melancholia to drain;
And bounty of happiness to gain,
In broken pieces of emotion;
Ooh…! No, not again.

Moments races against each other,
To leave an everlasting eternal conclusion;
Of some lost smiles,
Which had to get captured;
When miles and miles were walked,
Gripping to hold hands in hand;
To never miss those days again.

Droplets of tear races against themselves,
To determine which one to shed;
And which one needs to be restored,
Ooh..!!! I wish, I never lamented.
In my mind,
In my heart;
For your life,
For me, Mine and Yours,
Ooh..!!! No, never again,
As any nobodies feeling Soul to fail,
To get drained and evaporate in vain;
Melting from broken pieces of emotion again,
Ooh…! No, not again.

Thoughts poured:
@ 04:50 Hours
Dated as on – 27th Aug’ 2013

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