Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2014

Christmas Stress~by Eden Hundsdoerfer



Christmas Stress

running in and out
from shop to shop
buying christmas stuff
lengthy list not to forget

everyone must have
a present under the christmas tree
long awaited but each year
the same ritual

is this the sense of christmas
shopping malls entice
buy one take one
reduced fifty percent at once

common people last chance
limited edition last pieces
don’t miss the price is right
pamper your love ones this christmas

bite the special offer
common folks don’t think twice
a kid pointing at a smart phone
i want that one for christmas

mother said you’re still young
for that you need to grow up
a couple of years more
kid yelled and said

no that’s not true
all my friends at school have all
and me like an idiot nothing to fiddle
so now i want that for christmas
what a stress on christmas

by:Eden H.

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