Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2014





Dreams are the most essential,
it let you keep moving,
in all path of your life,
never stop dreaming.

Dreams are not those,
which you see when you sleep,
its rightly said,
dreams are those,
which doesn’t let you sleep.

To make the dream come true,
what are the efforts we take,
are we still awake ??
or we lay comfortably in our bed??

Let’s wake up now,
still we have time in our hand,
still we can make our own world,
let’s make our today,
which we can cherish tomorrow.

Let’s start dreaming once again today,
Let’s start living once again today,
Because today is the present which we have,
past is gone and future is not decided yet,
so never stop dreaming and start your journey today.

@ Azam Siddiqui

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