Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2014





Don’t know why, but your giggle hurts this night
Interrupting my progress up to my desired goal,
As I try to impress the moon beaming in her cellar
Who occasionally drops looks at my fragile body
That pathetically hides patches all over the soul ;

Your giggle accentuates into a loud warble of the night
As birds too join you, caricaturing my empty notion of love
That tried to capture real bliss in the net of hollow desires!
And plumb ecstasy in the puddle of sheer mud and mires!

It was no mistake on your part to giggle like that dear
It was perhaps my response to my own neurotic self ,
In the absence of that deep, suave and luminous cheer ,
Which chills my foolish mind with so much anxiety and fear !

Comp. n copy right :saroj k. padhi

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