Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2014

Forever In You Genes.~by Tom Higgins



Forever In You Genes.

Our lives have become so difficult
It is so hard to find what we need
We have to move from this place
There are many mouths to feed.

We must go and find new land
Where we can live and thrive
And ensure that our people
Will be able to stay alive,

All through the many dark days
When we barely survived
We talked a lot of moving on
And the time has now arrived.

We must go beyond those big hills
To see what lies on the other side
We must find a better place than this,
Where so many of us have died.

And so began the journey
Around seventy thousand years ago
Long before any known language
Was alive to let us know,

Long before any books or scrolls
Or tablets of carved stone,
The people made the journey
Before any of these things were known.

But we know they made the journey
The story is written in our genes
In little coils of DNA
Science has found the means

With which to identify
From where we all emanate
The genetic code traces us all back
To a very small group, that fate

Had excluded from extinction
After a massive volcanic blast
To live on and be our ancestors
And give modern man a past.

These people by the way were black,
They came out what’s called Ethiopia now
So a lot of people in this world
Must be wondering how

They can be descended from
Black African people when they are white
Well all I can say to them is
It didn’t happen over night.

The changes in skin tone
Came gradually to to suit colder climes,
Eventually leading us
To the mix of our times.

So all of you in this world
Who seek out differences to divide,
Understand if you possibly can,
That we are all the same inside.

So next time you see a person
Whose skin is not like yours
Don’t just decide to dislike them
Stand back and take a pause,

And try a smile and see if that
Elicits the same in response,
I bet it would be a better world
If everyone tried it once.

Tom Higgins 27/11/2014

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