Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2014

Love is stronger than this~by Jithin Joseph



Love is stronger than this

The pain in my chest, never goes away
Cause you have took a piece of me
When you chose to leave me behind
What should I do to breath again?

I’m chasing and running after you,
Knowing you are never coming back
And I’m breaking down to pieces
Come back to me and stitch me up

It’s cold and dark inside of me
You took away my light and my warmth
When you walked out of my life
How can I be back to being me again?

Wake me up from this nightmare,
Tell me that it was just a dream
That you will never leave me
And our love is stronger than this

There are no more tears left in me
And you have robbed me off my smile
When you took to letting me go
How will I ever get you back?

I’m like a black and white
And you are the colour of my life
You are the reason I want to smile
And you are the only one I’m living for

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