Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2014

…..MAGICAL TOUCH….? ~by Dr. Satinder Nanda”Aas”.




Sunny rays of gorgeous skin,
While surfing on my dreams
Sensuality electrifying nerves,
Roaming off shore,wild strokes,
Adventurous, enjoying curves,
The amorous thrills, rare craze
The flow of stream, hidden waves,
Drenched all,enthusiastic inner-
Wings of passionate lovebird,
Beauty-lovesick hungry heart,
Unable to fly more off shore,
Attraction, impressing more,
Sensuous,crazy, impatient sure,
Lustrous, chained,sensational dearth
In fabulous pleasing fleshy winks,
Swirling eagerly, in silky rings,
Goddess of beauty,waiting on shore,
Calling me,”enjoy adventurism more.
The hard realities of bonney flesh
Magical touches,ever keep you fresh? ”.
© Dr. Satinder Nanda”Aas”. 15-12-2014

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