Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2014

(STRONG WILL)~by Tempting Fate




Finally the secrets of life from heavens have been leaked;
The truth which for centuries have been seeked;
The rules on which no one has ever peeped,
The tools which for decades have been kept and sealed;
The reason why no one has ever spiritually healed;

The topics of life no ordinary person can wield;
But once you are through! it will protect you, it will be your shield;

You have to think outside of ordinary you;
If so…then you don’t have to…this load will itself carry you;

Rough times will come when you have to stay strong on what you believe and hold;
Lesson of strong will is the one never been told;
Times like that!!!a pencil of lead is more valuable than a mine of gold;

Strong will is the one to help you fight it down;
May be a century later, the history teller will scribe it down;
And may be when I am gone,the lesson of “will”, will itself write it down.


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