Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2014

++++++++ CAFETERIA ++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++ CAFETERIA ++++++++++

Looking outside
From my office window
I see couples
In their twenties
Sitting at one corner of
Near by cafeteria
Having their best time
Being together
Forgetting whole world around
Being lost in each other
Sharing light moments
Laughing and giggling
At their will
Creating good memories forever
This wasn’t the end
As this cafeteria has
Some more stories to tell
While thinking all this
I got distracted
Seeing an old age couple
Sitting at other corner of
Same cafeteria
Who were looking at
Young aged couples over there
With eyes
Full of hope and positivism
Helping them to be nostalgic
Asking them to roam once again
Romantically in their old times
And it clearly indicated
They are trying to recall
Their best memorable moments
Spent in that cafeteria together
When they might be young like
Other couples present there
What I saw
Finally made to dream
About my dream girl
And that day
When we can sit in this cafeteria
And have our best moments

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