Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2014

MY IMPERFECTION~by Romeo Della Valle




Headlines of judgement
Across the gates of Heaven
Self-consciously reporting
The errors of my deeds!

I can visit sometimes
Though I am still a guest
Of human transgression-
I know someday- when I die
There will be a way
To follow through-
To leave behind the sin
And enter freely in-
But today I must return
Scarred by the evidence
Of my imperfection!

Witnessing this clear side
Of immortality,
I seem to walk endlessly,
Preferring to find my way
Than to be taken there
Through the dark tunnels
Of the Earth!

Now I realize I cannot move
Without consequence
Or think clearly without
Some kind of disturbance
Clinging like lint to the fabric
Of my clouded mind!

For God’s sake-“leave me alone”!
The battle isn’t even between
Me and the World-
It is in another dimension
Otherwise unaprehende,
Except for the vision
Of mortal action!

The harbingers of revelation
Insist upon the will,
A duty foreign to
The skill of man-
Unquestionably waiting
To be fulfilled!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2010
New York City

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