Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 15, 2014

+++++++++ UNREALISTIC THOUGHTS ++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



+++++++++ UNREALISTIC THOUGHTS ++++++++

When asked to define
How should be our life
I really felt good
Getting the golden chance
To express myself
Before a large gathering
Telling one & all over there
Very loudly
All my ambitious imaginations
That later looked
Quite hypothetical in real
I was excited and nervous too
Saying life to be painless forever
Everyone one to be rich
With no poor people anywhere
A peaceful world
Full of humanity and love
Living like a family
Irrespective of divisions of
Color,country and religion
Somewhere in my heart
I too felt for a second
What I am saying
Are my unrealistic thoughts
Inspired from my feelings
That are very humane in nature
Still I could not force myself
To stop
Thinking such unrealistic thoughts
Which has hope & optimism
For one and all
Urging each one of us
To make our world
A better, better and better place to live

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