Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 15, 2014





You grace the bites I eat
And caress my breaths!
You make stars twinkle
And spray shine on the earth!
You are the creator of realities
And en-live all illusions!
You thrill in every dance
Play all acts of fusions!
You are the spirit in sports
A juggler to play all tricks!
You grace the ground zero
Live in sky-scraper’s bricks!
You are atoms in paper and
An architect for lines to draw!
You are green in meadows
And alive in each straw!
I feel you in stillness too
A sincere fellow in travels!
You bless the divine souls
Act even through devils!
You inject disappointments
Give birth to all aspirations!
You live in every being
Struggle to reach destinations!
You fuel life and death even
Care households & monks to treat !
You lay the frame for chess
Play the dice to win or beat!

One may face so hard in life
Easy journeys or travels odd!
You keep a real watch smiling
You look small & great O’God !
By Jagjit Singh Jit
@ December 15, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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