Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2014

+++++++++ CHEAP SMARTNESS +++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



+++++++++ CHEAP SMARTNESS +++++++++

I love to hate
Intellectual people
Creating trouble for
Common people
By making fun of
Their true simplicity
And well known honesty
I love to condemn
Use of cheap smartness
By few smart people
To exploit their close ones
Who trust them
Like their own father
Or a friend like own brother
It hurts
When I put my hand
Unknowingly on red hot iron
But it hurts a lot
And kills me that moment
When I come to know
I was working with someone
Using me like tool
Or I was living with someone
Having poisonous thoughts for me
It doesn’t stop here
Rather it demotivates me further
When I remember
I shared my one and all
Personal and professional problems
With such smart people
Who used those information’s
Against me for useless reasons
Bringing tears in my eyes
Often with no justification
And I am not jealous of
Any smart people
Or their great smartness
But I never appreciate
Any show of cheap smartness
By few smart people

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