Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2014

The Rising Sun~by Suresh Sharma



The Rising Sun

He was sitting there;
Silent…but not calm…!
watching the night coming by…
The night of shattered dreams,
the night of being undone, being defeated ;
That miserable night of immense darkness…!
And then, there he was watching
that dark, foggy night
slipping away moment by moment…
Lo ! there came the dawn’s first ray,
The seven colored ray…
touched the untouched silence of
that immensely pitched desert of darkness…
He saw the Sun peeping over the horizons
and the glacier in his eyes started melting away..
He could see through that foggy, miserable night..
that there was a spectrum of dreams, of hopes..
He could see that life was not that dark..
There was a Sun rising in his eyes too…!!

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