Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2014

What To Do…It’s Christmas~by Melvina Germain



What To Do…It’s Christmas



With Christmas around the corner,

I’m wondering what to do.

I had my eyes on those glittered shoes.

hmmm now I’m in doubt,

after listening to the evening news.



So many losses yesterday,

so many people died, frozen in the streets,

no one to say goodbye.

I said to myself, Mavis what will it be.

Do I purchase those glittered shoes,

or say a prayer upon my knees.



I’m worried about the poor, my Lord,

havoc I can truly see.

Perhaps I’ll give a hand to the needy,

is that what you expect from me.



Well, the Lord, you know he speaks in quiet tone,

it’s not a voice you boldly hear.

No, it’s that whispering sound that comes forth,

and it seems from your inner ear.


Well, Jesus is my Savior and you know, I know

he died for me.  So I think it’s my turn to act,

what can I do to make Jesus proud of me.



I sat and pondered, O Lord, what can I do.

A light began to shine, this is what I have

in store for you.  I know that message is

all mine.



Pick up the phone, make some calls, go and

visit some grocery stores, ask for a helping hand.

Gather up some friends and feed the hungry.

generosity pours, oh yes you know you can.



I’ve decided to knock on doors, asking for old coats

and shoes, we’ll clothe the naked, I’m so glad I

listened to the evening news.



Well I pondered just a little more and realized my

lack.  Forgiveness is not my forte, I have a hard

time with that.  I still see men hanging in trees,

that image won’t go away.  May I ask for a prayer

to help me see God’s light today.  I want to

know how to forgive just like many of you.


I’m going to care for the aged and read them stories

too.  I surely want to see them smile while they

wait to crossover and renew.



I guess I better welcome the unwanted, you know

those people from abroad.  After all, all they want is

peace of mind and happiness just like me.  Welcome

brothers and sisters, come enjoy your stay.  We all

deserve happiness each and every day.



Well in the end, I’m going to treat you, the way I want

you to treat me.  Now what do you think of that.  I

guess I won’t be buying those glittered shoes, there’s

so much more to do.  Let me get on with it,

I bid you all adieu.



Written by:  Melvina Germain

Date:          Dec. 16/2014





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