Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2014

Chief in a tribe holds authority,~by Mushtaq Khan



Chief in a tribe holds authority,

Chief in a tribe holds authority,
Over our assets, souls or goals,
Can earn our earning or learning,
Decides our fate to live or to die,
Enjoys immunity from all kind of losses,
Our sons n daughters,
Our affairs n welfare,
Are pledged without prejudice,
Respect is dedicated restricted,
Only for his issue n siblings,

Don in a mafia enjoys,
Major share of powers n despoilment,
Rule is his words,
Goal is to avoid his wrath,
Course is to live like scape goat,
Luxuries are privilege of ,
Offspring n relatives of Don,

CEO of a company or group or a state,
Can apply his mind to reform or deform,
Millions of slaves’ life style,
Seeking favors ,serving desires,fulfilling tasks,
Only object to achieve,
Sons daughter legal or illegal,
Wives or beloved friends or keys,
Roam with medals of authority,
Binding on all to protect the interests,

Hurts my frail soul,
Impossible to bear,witness,
Myriad legal sons, daughters,
Of Prophet Muhammad S .A .W recognized or unknown,
Stray around us live around us,
This royal blood termed by my Lord,

Forced on starving in loneliness,
Live like rejected,dejected members,
Their miseries tremble me,
Their distress deprivations make me shiver,
May my Lord sacrifice my belongings,
To please these sacred souls around us.


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