Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2014

Is it coming to this?~by rldubour

Christmas Collection;


Is it coming to this?

T’was the night before Christmas as Santa flew by.

He just hung his head and had tears in his eyes.

His sleigh still packed, not one present missing

He had no idea what each child was wishing.

Not a light to be seen from his vision above

As his heart started breaking, where was the love?


He has been gone for a year and did not know

That some people here said that Christmas must go!

They banned the word Christmas, it offended them so

This one little group, how much harm will they sew?

All pictures of Santa were taken down

And the spirit of Christmas was forced to leave town!


The first year without Christmas had saddened the world

With every heart broken each boy and each girl.

They said they heard Santa fly by in the night

And asked just one question, “Was Santa all right?”

They thought he was sick and that would explain why

He did not even stop and just flew right by.


Mom and Dad they did not have an answer

As they looked into their saddened eyes.

How could they explain how they let such a law

Pass them all right by.

Too busy I guess with their every day life

To fight against wrong and make it all right.

I don’t ask for much but this year I wish

That our Christmas day does not come to this.

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