Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2014




The time has come to fight against Devils
Who have no category, no religion, no heart.
How much blood do they need to drink, to bathe?
They are really coward, the creatures of hell.

In the name of ‘Jihad’, in the name of religion
They are fighting, fighting against humanity.
Who has given the right to kill the students,
The lovely flowers in the garden of mankind?

The earth is true Heaven; in man God lives.
We are 7 billion people living on this earth.
Just few of these are against humanity.
Why should we allow them to do whatever they want?

O my dear brothers and sisters! please wake up.
Break the walls of discrimination and racism.
We, all are one; our religion is humanity.
Please destroy terrorism and save mankind.

In Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia-
Everywhere terrorists are killing mankind.
Why are we so afraid? Are we coward?
The Devils are coward; they should be afraid.

Political leaders are playing game with humanity
Only to hold the rank and position, to earn money.
Uproot terrorism before killing the terrorists.
Please be broad minded and work for mankind.

My dear brothers and sisters, my dear friends!
Please feel the pain and agony of those parents
Whose innocent children are killed by Devils.
The victims are not only theirs but also ours.

Force can not kill terrorism, the enemy of man.
Only education can create love and affection,
Brotherhood and humanity in us, in our heart.
Cross the bar of narrow nationalism and faith.

O my dear friends! please be courageous.
Remember! real heroes can never be defeated.
Every single man is just like a drop of water.
Our unity can make the ocean of strength in us.

To save our Heaven, be Malala, be Kailash.
No warmonger can cure terrorism, the cancer.
Dear friends! wake up to fight for humanity
So that 16th December may not come back.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.

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