Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 18, 2014

………ILLUSIVE BEAUTY…..~by Dr. Satyender Parkssh Nanda”Aas”.




Heart,love, easy victims of beauty
Eyes attracting amorous serenity,
Rainbow-colours of sunny rays,
Silken shines of flashing faces,
Intellect, wit, wisdom in cages,
Reflections from skinny mirrors,
Mislead vision,illusive colours,
Heart, fallows, moving shadows,
Which hide all realistic ardours,
Natural glows of beauty, grace,
Overpower swiftly fading rays,
Eyelids tremble,unable to watch,
Scrolling all visionary balls?
Brightness covers,blackness all?
Decaying charm, hypnotic haul?
Blood, water, fire, flesh, bones;
Air,tender skin,passions cyclones?
Covered fully darkness, in nylon?

© Dr. Satyender Parkssh Nanda”Aas”. 19-12-2014

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