Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 18, 2014

THE SEASONS OF LIFE~by Heather Burns



A weaver sits
among the beautiful
threads weaving a
glorious tapestry
brilliant colors
reflect the seasons
of life.

Spring offers
many hues of green
ever so soothing
when hearts are young
happy and care free
having a promise for
still young enough to
believe dreams will
come true.

Oh those days of summer
with wonderful hot reds
thinking we have found
our hearts delight
enjoying the heat of
the season passion

Then Autumn turns leaves
to many shades of gold
and cascade to the ground
Leaving painted pictures
lying around. Looking at
life differently
knowledge obtainable.

Finally the majestic
days of winter, silver
threads carefully enter-
in retrospect the greens
reds, golds, and silver
threads have created
the wonderful seasons
of life.

copyright by heather burns

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