Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2014

A stormy Night~by Britta Hoffmann



A stormy Night

I can hear the wind howling tonight
I think a storm is soon about to start
as far as I can see there is no light
I can already feel it deep inside my heart

no moon is shining in this starless night
I can’t even see a hand before my eyes
it’s still hours until the sun will rise
and what I hear starts to give me some fright

it’s getting colder, the wind keeps on to blow
and I can feel the storm approach
even if it’s just coming slow
I rather would be at safe at home, on my coach

just in front of the fire place
where everything is warm and nice
not ouside in the cold, still fighting with the ice
having a rather long walk to face

my skin gets cold, as I go on to walk
by now I can feel the cold everywhere
I can hear something – like someone’s talk
so I turn around – but noone’s there

so I just continue on my way
trying to ignore the whispering I hear
for by now I start feeling fear –
this is no place where I want to stay

I look up… faces start to appear
something I don’t want to see
and I feel like something bad is very near
this is not where I’d like to be

I am hurrying by now, I nearly start to run
I want to reach home just as soon as I can
but where exactly I go – I have no plan
I just know I’m wishing for the sun…

I am running forward, my home is in sight
the wind blowing like it wants to keep me
I want to escape from the things hiding in the night
from the things I got to see

I reach home to open to the door
and I am shutting on the light
but what awaits is not really a nice sight
the mirror shows what I’ll be forevermore

I’m pale, I can see the light shining through
there is no colour I can see
there isn’t much that I can do
a ghost is what I have come to be

the storm is gone, and I will go
the night is going to end soon
and finally I can see the moon
next time I’ll see if I can show…

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