Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2014

BELIEVE IN YOU~by Emmanuella Edun-Adedeji




No matter the odds that’s been set,
There’s a notion I’ll always stake my bet,
Even though your pillow has often by tears become wet,
What you don’t recieve you can never get!

You may suffer rejection,
That doesn’t imply reduction,
Misunderstanding breeds contention,
It takes two to trigger a commotion!

When you’re scorned at,
React with a large heart,
They more than likely have a distorted view,
The only embargo to your progress is you!

Patience is a virtue,
That’s possessed by the vast few,
Success is determined by your attitude,
Follow your defined path&not of the multitude!

Not when a tree is planted that it begins to bear fruit,
It must first be broken before it takes root,
Its procedure for fruitfulness usually takes time,
But when it starts a generational objective becomes prime!

The blessings of the LORD are upon the diligent,
Not on who through idleness is wastefully spent,
You alone have the power to concieve,
Must definitely come to you whatever you believe!

Backstabbers are to propel you forward,
Put ur eyes not on the obstacles but on the sure reward,
But if you believe your vision will sprout overnight,
May bow out from a few punches given by lifes’ necessary fight!

Success is a step by step approach,
Those cutting corners will end up in reproach,
Life is governed by unending principles,
Diligence will give your night sky starful twinkles!

Your head must always rise in confidence,
No matter ur shortcomings never doubt ur competence,
You must move urself if u r to move the world,
You must not quit or stop no matter what insults at u r hurled!

GOD doesn’t create a nobody!
HIS deposit in you makes you a somebody,
Everyone has a distinct personality,
Reason why u must soar in ur individuality!

Listen to others but never lose ur voice,
Success or failure is determined by choice!
But when ur zeal for relevance becomes ur driving power,
Heaven is committed to make your life go higheeeeeeeer!



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