Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2014

HEAL THE WORLD~by Akan Udofia




We are the ones that can heal the world
Give out love and ask for nothing in return
Everyday children are dieing because of war
Lets stop the blood shed and accept peace instead of war
The world is destroyed everyday out of negligence
People are starving, families shattered, whats the sense
God never planned to destroy mankind until the end of time
He gave us choices to make, why is that a crime
I have made up my mind to hold up to the plight of the common man
Fight for what is right, justice and equality for all man
An healthy life, education and a roof upon every man
For the world was created by God’s love for man
So we may find joy, happiness and peace of mind
Not lust for power and wealth the heart to blind

Copy Right Akan E Udofia

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