Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2014

“Her Memory Still Remains”.~by Akash Sagar



“Her Memory Still Remains”.

Woke up early morning today,
Like an oxymoron waking up;
On each and every scoundrel day;
With my unusual natural habit of,
Craving for an absconding smell;
Of my long lost, purple haze.
The determined air constantly bends me against My-self,
Really since when;
I don’t know again;
And has left me shocked to tremble till my knees.
Pushing me hard Hush…!!!
Bullying my mind in a Buzz..!!!

And whenever my eyes constantly stares,
Beyond the distantly elusive horizon;
I get so helplessly lost;
In quest of her reminiscent traces.
With nervously scared eyes running thoroughly through,
And avoiding to hide itself;
But still, so stubborn to gaze helplessly.

And sometimes from nowhere,
Plenty of unaccountable rain drops pour down;
And springs back aloud.
As it feels like hearing her whispers silently,
Like her secret tips;
In rustling and murmuring of tall sky-scraping trees.

And a sweet fragrance sprouts automatically,
When the first drop of rain kisses;
A thirsty Mother Earth for the first time,
Just like your sweet smelling smile Mom;
When, you were alive here.
All of this simply strikes to my orphan heart;
With an anger, a burning rage to extinguish in vengeance;
To prove my eternal love for you,
With some inherited immortal morality;
Ooh..!!! Just to be someone like you.

Ooh..!!! Everything mercilessly haunts and reminds me of you.
Filling the nostrils of my Soul,
With that bitterly missing scent of Yours,
And only Yours…
To cravingly seek for,
Every new day and each endless night;
To search all my life.
As, her memory still remains;
Ooh..! Yes…Mom,
Your memory is forever to eternally remain.

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Dated: 30th Aug’ 2009
All Copyrights Reserved

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