Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2014

……. IN HIS ARMS……? ~by Dr. Satinder Nanda “Aas”.



……. IN HIS ARMS……?

Relaxing my nerves,
worrisome ever,
Showering in dreams,
Massaging images,
Oiling soothingly fairies,
Endless imaginations,
Hectic flows of wilder waves,
Swirling deep sensations,
Merriments of fiercer passions,
Mixing, all, sore, sweet,
Tasteless, love-flavours,
Freelancer, mystic vision,
Of roaming, rustic scenes
Electrifying lusty desires,
Sleepless, erotic veins ever,
Beating beats, romantic
Lustrous sensual, erotica,
Realistic natural realms,
In my sleepy sleepy time
In his arms, rustic, fine?
Body’s sleep, sure divine?
© Dr. Satinder Nanda “Aas”. 20-12-2014

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