Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 22, 2014

Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of December.

The meat is falling from the bone.
Nothing will stop it
As gravity pulls it down.
Even the floor looks inviting.
It rocks a little,
From side to side,
Hanging on is a matter of pride,
But standing up is a challenge.
Blood struggles to reach the brain,
And light headedness
Becomes the norm,
Stars twinkle at the edge of sight,
Even in broad day light,
And words are hard to find.
Although they are not too far away,
Stacked all higgledy- piggledy,
At the back of my mind,
In a dark corner.
Does that make me little Jack Horner?
Waiting to pull out a plum.
Hoping the answer will come,
To the question
Of why I am at work today.
When I feel the whole
World drifting away.

The weariness
Grinding me down
So much, all the colour
In the world has drained
To grey.
And dirty brown.
Which is a mood
And not a colour.
A weight on my back,
Carried in a sack,
With all my troubles
Tied up together,
With the lost words,
And the song birds,
Who flew their nest
Along with the rest
Of my summer’s,
Many, many years ago.
Maybe it is time
To end this rhyme
While I still have
The patience to make it.


  1. great set of words, we all have ups and downs

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