Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 22, 2014

Destination America~VERMONT~by rldubour

Monday!!! time to visit another state (in alpha order) in America, today we go across country to New England. stopping at the great state of:



The origin of this state’s name came from
The French words vert and mont.
Vert means green and mont is mountain
Put together they say Vermont.


The people are called Vermonters
Their motto is “Freedom and Unity.”
It’s called “The Green Mountain State”
And from all over they come to see.


Talc is the official mineral and
The gemstone is the garnet grossularite.
The state’s animal is the Morgan horse
The rocks are marble, slate and granite.


The state bird is the hermit thrush
The state insect is the honeybee.
The red clover is the official flower
And the sugar maple is the tree.


Montpelier is the nation’s smallest capital.
Less than nine thousand people there.
And the only capital in the nation with
No McDonalds any where!


Tourism is a major industry and for
Those who do not know.
Famous resorts like Sugarbush and Jay Peak,
Okemo, Killington and Mt. Snow.


In 1609 Frenchman Samuel De Champlain
Claimed all this state’s land for France.
And Wal-Mart was not allowed inside
Until 1996 they finally got their chance.


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Co. gives their
Waste to the local farmers.
The hogs love every flavor except ONE,
A recommendation from these charmers?


Greenfield, Cohen, Wells and Bean
A few famous names that should be seen.
Coolidge, Arthur and Paterson
Davenport, Douglas and Brigham Young.
Statehood: March 4, 1791, the 14th state
Capital: Montpelier


In 1777, settlers of the New Hampshire Grants united to form their own state. They named it Vermont, a French word for Green Mountain. Vermont settled the dispute with New York in 1790 by paying $30,000 to the state. United States Presidents born in Vermont, Chester A. Arthur (1881, 23rd President) and Calvin Coolidge (1923, 30th President). Wal-Mart was not accepted into the state until after 1996, they currently have two, one in Williston and one in Bennington.  In 1775 Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys won one of the first important American victories of the Revolutionary
War by capturing Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point.
Woodstock in central Vermont became the site of the nation’s first ski tow in 1933.
The Abenaki, Mahican and Penacook groups were among the first Native Americans in the Vermont region. The New York Iroquois arrived around 1500, forcing many of the other groups away. During the early 1600s, several groups returned to conquer the Iroquois with help from French explorers.
The local farmers hogs they love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream except one, Mint Oreo.
IBM is the largest employer in the state of Vermont.
Vermont is the largest producer of Maple syrup in the United States.


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