Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 23, 2014

Alone With You I Stand~by Anshuman Mukherjee



Alone With You I Stand

When alone i stand with you by my side,
You,me and the silent nature beside,
The drizzling brizzle smoothly pass,
The dew drops still very fresh on the grass.
Its all silent around, as the sun’s rays become profound.
Alone i stand there with you by my side,penetrating deep into your deep blue eyes.
Watching your beauty and glamour with great delight.
Standing on tthe clift with the red glowing ball in sight.

The clouds run their daily course,
The seawaves beating off the shores.
The closely distant sun, makes the other stars go dim,
as the fog becomes even more thin.
The morning hours were just starting,the peaceful deserts,the heat scroaching.
There alone i stood with you by my side,holding your hand tight with mine,as if this soul belonged thine.

And then i whispered to you all that i wanted,
Stood against the fear that i had never confronted.
‘I love you’ thats all i had to say,
With that smile in your eyes,as the day became gay.
Sloly as the sun gained its furry,the chilled morning hours had begun to slay.
And all of a sudden the birds scream,
Terminating one of my most beautiful dream.

-Anshuman Mukherjee (pen name)

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