Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 23, 2014

Christmas Wonder~by Anshuman Mukherjee



Christmas Wonder

———— ———
The winter is on the peak with the Christmas by its side.
The snow-flakes round the globe,gifting the streets a stark white robe.
Just one more day for the Christmas gifts to arrive, a few more days for the excitement to survive.
The children wearing sweaters and jacket,on the snow plays hand-ball and cricket.
Its time for joy,its time for happiness,its time for peace its time for calmness.
That time of the year,when even the sky looks down on the earth for brightness.

The little ones have no limit to their joy,within a few hours,old Santa would bring them loads of toy.
With Mother Mary on one side and Father Joseph on the other,three wise men on their knees sitting one next to another,
Lied the baby in the craddle with a beautiful smile to wonder.
The virgin mom with her son,is ready to make their retreat on Earth.
For many the festival brings prosperity,for many it brings love,for others it brings their dear ones,distant from whom they throb.
The silent night,the holy night is about to come,so lets just cheer up as the holy bloom becomes bright.

Oh Jesus,bless the world with prosperity,lead us to a world with better humanity.
With all the gifts that i demand,gift me none but take me under your command.
Oh Jesus,you the mighty of all,creator of the glowing ball,
Bless man-kind with loads of pease,with loads of fulfilled dreams oh please…
Look Jesus look,the birds sing for you,look at the stars oh Lord, look at them as they glow brightly for you.
Oh God,just one wish for the selfish me,one wish to the mighty great Almighty.
God,bless me with a soul,a soul to care for mine,a soul which to me would be devine.
Bless me with some success,a triffle that is all needed to be at your grace.
Grant me o the heavenly one with my lost repute,even i want to walk about without any destitute.
Oh Jesus,bless me only those that i deserve, if none,even still the best seat of my life you reserve.
Love you oh Holy spirit for such a beautiful life,i already have all the reasons to survive.

Thank You.

-Anshuman Mukherjee.

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