Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2014

AFRICAN SKY~by Akan Udofia




The African sky is filled with love and diverse culture
The prayers of our fathers protecting us from above
It is filled with the spirit of our ancestors watching over the sons
Her traditions are enormous as the color of the rainbow
The night is sacred; she covers the child with heart of gold
Evil can’t touch an African child, for her children’s are divine
The street is wrapped with pleasantries
United in the brotherhood yet of different tribes
Every birth is blessed with a kiss from the gods
The sky is pure and bath with tears of a mother’s love
God and mankind living in harmony and dignity
An African land is covered with the water fetch from God’s soul
The African sky is forever blue and beautiful
Underneath her you can find peace, for every heart is forever graceful

© Akan Udofia E.

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