Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2014

HAVE WE ?~by Indigo Poetess




Have we met before
On some Distant Planet ?
On some Distant Star ?
At some distant Ripple in Time?
Have we Ruled the Oceanic Domains
True Love attained
The movement of the Tides
It’s Ebb and Flow
Set to as the Rhythm of our Bodies
When We Made Love ?
Have we Ruled Vast Empires
Each one of us the others Desire
Progeny Sired
As we Drank from the Nectar
Of each others Love ?
Did we build Monuments in our Name
Our Greatness Proclaimed
From all that knew of Our Fame
Till today still and yet does remain ?
Did we Conquer the East
While riding to the West
The Stars in our eyes
The Sun dispelling all Shadows
That could ever haunt us ?

Did we Create Vast Nations
Advanced Civilizations
Strewn Amongst the Rocks and Stars
Every Hue imaginable
The Universe did to us bow ?
Did we Subjugate All Alien
Those whom would seek Us to overturn
Whilst At our command
A Vast Army of Myriads of Stars ?
Indigo Man
I Sensed You
You stood in my Perimeter
You uttered my Name
Yet No sound was made
A Language Forbidden
I have all but long forgotten
I thought I was Dreaming
You Are Familial
Jolting my Sensibilities
Setting my Nerves on Frequency Desire
A Sense of The Highest
Higher Self Overcomes Me

I Felt your Approach
Without ever seeing you
The Highest Vibration I’ve ever known
You Knew it was Me
You Saw Me
A Moment I failed to see Myself
I closed my eyes
There lingered your hungry kiss
Your hands Caressed my Soul
Your every word whispered on the wind
A Familiar Scent for which I Long
The Physical You
The Ephemeral You
The Celestial You
The Embodiment of what I Know
That which I Always Knew
Locked away Deep Inside
Deep Down Inside
Within me Eons of Questions
All locked into My DNA
Questions that Never go Away

With every Soul Kiss
A Touch of Pure Bliss
You show me your Desire
With every touch
Heightened Awareness becomes mine
You take me Higher
When we Make Love
The Answers Flow into my Soul
DNA pieces completing One Another
They’re falling Sweetly in place
When We Make Love
My Soul Remembers
An Eternal Love
A Love that brought forth Verse-Doms
Still in existence until today
They still hold sway
In the Stillness of the Universe
I Gaze into the depth of your Cosmic Blue Eyes
Indigo Eyes
For the First Time
Since the Very First Time
I See Eternity Within Infinity
Lovingly Wrapped in Forever

As you stand in front of me
I See You
Indigo Man
As I stand in front of you
You See Me
Indigo Poetess
We are lights of Divinity
Forged into One
In the Flesh

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