Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2014





Tell me you love me
From the shores of the baltic sea
To the peaks of the Uranus Three
Forever this shall be
A decree
A marquee
Of our love
You smiled at me
You set me free
From the earthly me
Now I am truly free
Now i am the me
The me I always knew I could be
With stardust in your eyes
You entered my indigo skies
My curiousity did arise
Eternal love you did advise
My heart I could not disguise
I was alone
You found me
You took my hand
Such a scheme so grand
Set off my pineal gland
How could I say no ?

Travelling at the speed of light
You saw my cosmic plight
In me you took ethereal delight
You loved me at first sight
Walking alone on a path
You were able to grasp
The extent of my loneliness
My indigo sadness
In tremor I left a life behind
One that was so unkind
Away from those who could not love
In search of my soul
In search of my goal
What is my purpose ?
Within a kiss
I would be remiss
If i said I didn’t enjoy this
The heightening effects of bliss
Love’s true high

Interplanetary flight
Schisms of delight
Ephemeral light so bright
Puposeful sight
Syncopated ignited
Emotions forthright
History we re-write
In the present
Whilst in the future
All during cosmic flight
A diamond bright
White light
My soul is on fire
Like never before
I am all consumed
Whisper secrets of the universe
In my ear
Play songs of cosmic harmony
Let us make love
Within cosmic pathways of our own making
Passages for our own taking
You touch me
You make love to me
You see me
No one has ever done this

I love my new interplanetary diggs
Clothed in indigo hues
My earthly purpose as clear as the starry skies
I love your interplanetary diggs
Indigo man
Within love
We unite
Blinding seering white light
For those who do no understand
Vibrations as high as we can stand
On a quest of our own making
Indigo man
I now know my purpose

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