Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2014

WHEN~by Indigo Poetess




When I washed my hair in the River Nile
In the Land of Egypt
West of the Red Sea
East of the Sahara
Towards the Valley of Kings
With your Sceptre in hand
Did you Desire me
From the moment you set eyes on me ?
When I bathed in the Waters of Atlantis
My hair flowing freely
You gazed upon me
From towering white rocks
My nakedness was laid bare
As I swam in the depths of the waters
Such as the fishes of the sea
Did you Long to procure me ?
As I walked through Lotus Flower Gardens
My hair tied about me
I gathered the flowers of most beauty
Did you happen upon me ?
A rare flower
A flower that would adorn your bed
A flower in exchange for a Dynasty ?
When I was but a single unit of energy
Did you wait until the day I would materialize ?
You watched as I travelled the Cosmos
Uncertain of my next destination
Within your entity you did long for me

Now I lay in your arms
My long tresses about your face
My nakedness laid bare
A rare flower
Our journey once again intertwined
Ephemeral beings grounded
Awaiting the day for true freedom
Let us not reminisce of the past
Make love to me
The way only you know how
We are in the now
For when our souls meet
We defy the laws of the flesh
One soul
One love

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