Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2014

Feelings of happiness…~by Akshaya Kumar Das


Feelings of happiness…

happiness is a great feeling,
where the mind & soul go reeling,
loss the feet from the ground,
soul feel ecstatic goes in round,
the moment is such rare,
comes always with a feel & glare,
the galaxy of relatives in your doorstep,
when you share & distribute your happy steps,
sons, daughters, parents , aunts & aunties,
come home with sweet tuti-fruities,
eat & revel go merry making,
it’s yearend time go celebrating..
amidst such fun your offspring gets engaged,
happiness doubles up the family feels enchanted..
the moods go dancing and singing,
it is a realtime for family to celebrate and go dancing..
Beautiful moments, beautiful feelings,
grab the souls in full moods of moody mimicrys…
(c) copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 27/12/2014 1:42 P.M.

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