Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2014

Human Economy

Poesy plus Polemics

"Good vs Evil" Image by 40k-zoot From “Good vs Evil”
Image by 40k-zoot

why is it that dead things
create so much pain
marrow carries no pleasure
contained in its splintered sarcophagus
pulsing with noise of red neurons
redeeming sere mortified wood

onetime joinery splayed with stout ribs
channeled deep with thin veins
pulling life inside blood inside bone
sturdy supple and strong
before sawblades set ruin in motion
decay paced to frangible time

every life bends beneath its own burdens
those agonies suffered by body or mind
opportunities open to grace
in the handling of misery
marking the measure of sanctity
healing the afterlife soul

anguish bargains with each aspiration
exacting its price in the zero sum game
stern essence of human economy
passions can never be freely enjoyed
choose them wisely
consider the cost of delight

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