Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 28, 2014

My friend~by Indigo Poetess



My friend

My friend
When you shed a tear
I wept for you without cease
I collected your every tear
Created oceans in your name
My friend
When you stumbled
I have felt your pain thrice fold
The very dirt on which you fell
I have created kingdoms
In your name
My friend
Your lonliness
Became my own
For you i searched far and wide
To ease the pain
A salve I should prove to be
My friend
When you cried
My heart did hear you
Each note of each word you uttered
I have created symphonies
In your honor

My friend
My love for you
Is not dependant on this life
The flesh betrays us
Let us then transcend
All this worldliness
Let us create a path of our own
Let us search for truth
My friend
This life time is but a blink
In the infinity of forever
Let us clear a path of our own
One in which you and I
Are bathed in the the highest power
Of the universe


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