Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 28, 2014

The Song of the Year End…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Song of the Year End…

some untold feelings of happiness in the heart,
the year is about to end, will breathe its last,
just seventy two hours of the clock to tick,
the hearts are racing in speed brake neck,
churches to temples all are glittering,
with light of the year breathing in flattering,
where ever eye goes all packed with people,
making merry enjoying the leaving year in true purple,
the old order changeth giving place to the new,
the shrill voice of the new born is just going to renew,
chilling cold to snows covering the ground,
people are flocking to fire woods for going a round,
heat of the sun gives warmth to the skin,
the body warms up with the heart akin,
just count the happenings & important events of the year,
when the year leaves its scalps bid a true farewell with cheer,
American to Indian to the British along with the entire universe,
the entire continents in ecstasy & awesome moods of rejoice.
the year is sleeping under the cover of the thick blanket,
to save its skin from the chilling weathers basket,
New Year ..New Year..New Year the music in every voice,
sings the choir from youth to old in true rehearse..
(c) copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 28/12/2014 8:40 P.M.

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